Topics: Olympic Games, Earth, Hurricane Katrina Pages: 1 (346 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Meaning of Global Citizenship essay
The world over the years as a whole has grown immensely. Together we have experienced, fixed and struggled through many worldwide issues. During all of these ups and downs we have been pulled closer together as less of individual nations and more of a global group, some examples of this can be seen in the way we have improved with racism and prejudice. These issues were major problems that the world faced; they were responsible for damaging thousands of lives and have ruined many more. People began to change their views in order to become more positive and less pessimistic, this was an issue raised and handled not as a group or a nation but as a whole. When it comes to becoming a global citizen, I think that we are already a quarter of the way there but that we will never make the 100%. People are bound to where they are born and raised for many reasons mainly because of culture and conformability.              At the moment all the people of the earth are basically in tune with each other. We keep up with worldwide news and events, have a major insight into how other countries work and operate thought the media, word of mouth, and experiences. We all group together in times of need, some great examples of this could be hurricane Katrina which many people from around the world donated goods and offered labor and support, even in Victoria, British Columbia where devastating brush fires took over 180 lives, people from all around the globe gave their support.              People will always have a sense of national pride. A feeling which links them to their home town and country, a link that is always there. National pride can come fromnumerous things. Whether it is Actors to scientist making it big, or Olympic athletes winning gold and standing on the big number 1 podium singing their national anthem, the Olympics are full of national pride and the feeling of togetherness. People gather from all over the world to compete......
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