Citizens Carry Concealed Weapons

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  • Published : November 4, 2008
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Citizens Carry Concealed Weapons

In our society carrying concealed weapons seem to be a major issue. Authorities should allow anyone to carrying weapons after they pass a background check and complete training classes. In his essay” Letting Teachers Pack Guns will make America’s School Safer” Lott, argues that citizens have the right to protect themselves. I agree with him because accepting this law people can defend themselves from criminals before police arrive. Also legalizing hidden weapons will help to decrease violence in the streets and citizens can stop any dangerous incident from escalating.

In the United State’s violence is increasing day by day and many horrible crimes occurring daily and I am sure that someone who is carrying concealed weapons could stop a criminal before police arrives. There are many horrible crimes that any citizen could avoid just having a gun, like kidnapping children, raping women, assault, mass shooting and many others dangerous situation that many of the citizens experience every day. For instance, one of the most popular tragedies in the last years in the United States are school shootings. Many people died before the police arrived to the crime’s scene, however if any teacher or authority in those schools were armed, I believe that many lives would be saved. According to Lott,” citizens with concealed guns helped to end many public schools shooting in 1997which were resolve before police arrived”. (110) I think citizens have the right to protect themselves because criminals are already armed.

Legalizing concealed weapons will help to decrease violence. I think if criminals know that the person they pretend to beat, kill or rape has a weapon, they will think twice before attacking their victims. Perhaps criminals feel afraid to be harm by any armed citizen. Lott, states “that all the victims in public shootings in the United States from year 1977 to 1999 demonstrated that approving the right...
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