Citigroup: Five Point Ethics Plan

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  • Published : December 11, 2010
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“five point ethics plan”
key concerns
Citigroup’s link to large scandals and significant scrutiny has been a massive stain on the company’s business reputation and character. Charles Prince, CEO of Citigroup, means to remove that stain by implementing his “five point ethics plan” in an attempt to change the ethics, culture, and operations of the company through improved training, enhanced focus on talent, balanced performance appraisals, improved communications, and strengthened compliance controls. -------------------------------------------------

THIS DOCUMENT FOCUSES ON KEY CONCERNS REGARDING THE “FIVE POINT ETHICS PLAN” * How can Citigroup continually communicate the reformed organizational culture to the public? * As a corporation communications officer, what would be my method to communicate the plan to Citigroup employees and inspire change? * Who are the critical stakeholders?

* How should Prince handle the stakeholders’ responses and concerns? -------------------------------------------------

continually communicate reformed organizational culture to the public Citigroup can continually communicate their reformed organizational culture to the public in diverse ways: * Press conferences

* Advertising through different avenues
a. Television talk spots and commercials
b. Internet ads
c. Billboard ads
d. Radio commercials
* Community events
e. Sponsor local teams
f. Sponsor local events
g. Sponsor carnival weekends
h. Sponsor retreats
i. Sponsor charity events

communicate plan to employees and inspire change
As a corporation communication officer, I offer an array of motivating methods to communicate the plan to employees * Quarterly morale meetings by Charles Prince, CEO, with door prizes a. Discuss new ethics policy changes

b. Discuss new customer service techniques
* Have...
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