“Cities All over the World Face the Same Challenges and Have Similar Impacts.”

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  • Published : October 31, 2012
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Problems not only arise in rural areas, but also occur in urban areas of both LEDCs and MEDCs. Urban areas are created and further developed by the process of urbanization. Their existence is very important because they can provide more economic opportunities for people who move in. Thus urban areas are usually defined as areas with high population density and vast cultural resources. From the case studies we looked at urban areas like Calcutta and Cairo in less economically developed countries (LEDCs) and New York City in a more economically developed country (MEDC). Cities in both LEDCs and MEDCs suffer from similar problems like pollution, housing and transportation for urban migration. However, the severity and the impact of these urban problems vary depending on economic situation. For example, New York City as a leading world city is much less affected by similar problems as compared to Calcutta, Rio and Cairo.

First of all, as more migrants come into the city, a common problem that exists in many urban areas is pollution. Air pollution is usually caused by vehicles and industrialized use when they release large quantities of greenhouse gases. Moreover, noise pollution in cities like Cairo and New York is caused by the vast number of vehicles. As a result of city pollution, there are serious health and governmental management problems in most cities, for both LEDC and MEDC. But in LEDCs, the impact is much more severe. Consider Cairo, the capital city of Egypt, where half a million residents develop serious health problems; such as lung problems, loss of intelligence, tooth decay in children and flulike-coughs. Some of these problems can affect people’s entire lives and can ultimately result in death since most people cannot afford medical treatment. On the other hand, the severity of the impact is much lighter in MEDCs. New York City also has problems associated with reducing, recycling and disposing its waste which is leading to environmental...
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