Citibank Current Market Conditions

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  • Published : July 13, 2009
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Citibank Current Market Conditions
As the economic situation in the United States continues to be the hot topic around the world, it is not a surprise that every move Citibank makes is scrutinized and added to the headlines. This paper will analyze the current market conditions of the Citibank conglomerate. The current market structure, the impact of new companies entering the market, prices related to the market and technology will be addressed. Additionally, productivity and cost structure in regard to wages and benefits and fixed and variable costs will be reviewed. Furthermore, price elasticity of demand and the effect of competitors will be examined. An analysis of supply and demand will be evaluated in regard to Citibank’s operations. Finally, any impact of government regulations and how Citibank is choosing to react to them will be discussed. Technology

To be hi-tech savvy and have the latest technological advancements at your fingertips should be among the priorities of any business that has a drive to be a leader in its market. Citibank is not falling behind the competition in regard to technology, online services and fraud protection. Citibank has a multitude of sub-organizations that pride themselves with providing clients and customers with the utmost in technical and functional support. One operational department that is committed to providing a high standard of service is the Citibanking Technological Solutions Group. “Citibanking Technology Solutions Group provides the Citibank business with the systems, infrastructure and related technologies to deliver the highest quality service to our clients” (Careers, 2009). Citibank has now incorporated online fraud protection, Citi® ID Theft Solutions and Citi® IdentityMonitor® into its online banking (Citbank, 2009). Online fraud protection, Citi® ID Theft Solutions and Citi® IdentityMonitor® are among the newest methods of applying integrated technology by Citibank to offer a sense of...
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