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  • Published : October 28, 2012
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Competency 318.2.2: Business Research and Presentation - The graduate conducts business research and develops business-related presentations appropriate to specific tasks. Competency 318.2.3: Organizational Communication - The graduate can determine appropriate uses for specified types of organizational communication. Objectives:

318.2.2-01: Describe what constitutes a valid information source. 318.2.2-02: Identify appropriate use of reference material as a means of determining validity of information.
318.2.2-03: Research a specified business topic using e-library resources. 318.2.2-04: Prepare a business report on a specified topic.
318.2.2-05: Develop an effective presentation of business research data using one or more specified communication technologies.
318.2.3-06: Produce a specified type of business communication. Introduction:
This task consists of the following products: an organized reference document, a business report, and a presentation. Its purpose is to demonstrate your competence in researching, evaluating, interpreting, and presenting information on an important question in a given business scenario. You will locate, interpret, and evaluate relevant reference material to understand the topic. You will organize your references. Then, you will report your findings and justify your recommendations in two different formats—the business report and the multimedia business presentation.

A. Select a scenario from the attached “Scenario List.”
B. Use the WGU library databases and other research tools to find 10 sources that support the topic from the scenario you chose in part A.
1. Prepare a document in which you organize your 10 reference titles into at least 3 main ideas.
Note: Review the attached “RWT1 Source Document Template” to get an idea of formatting for your B1 document.
C. Prepare a business report based on your research findings that includes the following: 1. Cover page
2. Table of...
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