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Topics: IP address, OSI model, Ethernet Pages: 10 (2132 words) Published: December 9, 2012
1.Which of the following are the address ranges of the private IP addresses? (Choose three.) to to to to to to
2.Which two functions of the OSI model occur at layer two? (Choose two.) physical addressing 
media access control

Refer to the exhibit. What function does router RT_A need to provide to allow Internet access for hosts in this network? address translation
DHCP services
web server
4.What is true regarding network layer addressing? (Choose three.) uses a flat structure
prevent broadcasts
uniquely identifies each host
48 bits in length
contains a network portion


Refer to the exhibit. Host A attempts to establish a TCP/IP session with host C. During this attempt, a frame was captured with the source MAC address 0050.7320.D632 and the destination MAC address 0030.8517.44C4. The packet inside the captured frame has an IP source address, and the destination IP address is At which point in the network was this packet captured? leaving host A

leaving ATL
leaving Dallas 
leaving NYC


Refer to the exhibit. Assume all devices are using default configurations. How many subnets are required to address the topology that is shown? 1
7.A technician is asked to secure the privileged EXEC mode of a switch by requiring a password. Which type of password would require this login and be considered the most secure? console
enable secret 


Refer to the exhibit. A technician is working on a network problem that requires verification of the router LAN interface. What address should be pinged from this host to confirm that the router interface is operational?
9.Which OSI layer does IP rely on to determine whether packets have been lost and to request retransmission? application
10.When connectionless protocols are implemented at the lower layers of the OSI model, what is usually used to acknowledge that the data was received and to request the retransmission of missing data? IP

a connectionless acknowledgement
an upper-layer, connection-oriented protocol or service

Refer to the exhibit. Host C is able to ping successfully, but is unable to communicate with hosts A and B in the organization. What is the likely cause of the problem? Hosts A and B are not on the same subnet as host C.

The IP addresses on the router serial interfaces are wrong.
The subnet mask on host C is improperly configured. 
The FastEthernet interface fa0/0 of router 1 is wrongly configured.

Refer to the exhibit. Which list refers only to end devices? D,E,F,G

Refer to the exhibit. Host A sends a frame with the destination MAC address as FFFF.FFFF.FFFF. What action will the switch take for this frame? It will drop the frame.
It will send the frame back to host A.
It will send the frame to all hosts except host A. 
It will forward the frame to the default gateway.
Which subnet mask will allow 2040 hosts per subnet on the IP network

Refer to the exhibit. RouterB is configured properly. The Ethernet interface Fa0/0 of RouterA is configured with the use of the commands that are shown. However, a ping from the Fa0/0 interface of RouterA to the Fa0/0 interface of RouterB is unsuccessful. What action should be taken on RouterA to solve this problem? Use the description command on the FastEthernet interface Fa0/0. Configure the clock rate of the FastEthernet interface Fa0/0. Use the no shutdown command on the FastEthernet interface Fa0/0.  Reboot the router.

To send data through a network, what...
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