Cisco Restructuring Analysis

Topics: Consultative selling, Restructuring, Customer service Pages: 3 (985 words) Published: December 12, 2011
1. As Cisco grew into an industry giant did they use a product or function orientation? Why? Would you have used the same orientation? 2. After the 2001 restructuring did Cisco change their product/function orientation? Was this the right thing to do? Why? 3. Before the restructuring, how did Cisco cultivate their culture? How would you describe their culture? Did they have any rituals, ceremonies, or myths? Did the culture support their mission? 4. What types of incentives/motivations did Cisco use in their customer focus initiative? Was it effective? How could you have improved the initiative? 5. How did Cisco manage their restructure and re-allignment? What do you think would have been the response to this change? Could they have managed it better? How? Was the loss in sales a result of the change? Explain. 6. If you were Allred would you continue the current path despite a dip in sales and market share or would you try a new approach? Explain. Remember this is a capstone case. That means that the goal is to apply all of the knowledge gained from this course to complete this case study.

During the birth and earlier years of Cisco, their business focus was providing networking products for institutions that wanted to integrate their communication and information systems together in a network. They designed and developed routers and bridges to allow people to manage connections from computers who once spoke different communication languages. They had a very strong product orientation, because at the time, that’s all they were providing. As cisco grew in to the giant they were becoming, they maintained that product orientation and increased their offered lineup of networking products, eventually gaining the ability to supply everything a user needed to set up an entire network. Cisco’s product orientation was a fantastic orientation for the beginning years of their business, but during the late 1990’s, internet and networking was picking up at an...
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