Cisco Networking Exam1

Topics: IP address, OSI model, Transmission Control Protocol Pages: 5 (1228 words) Published: March 4, 2012
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I.Read the questions carefully and encircle the best answer. (No erasures.)

1.Which characteristics are part of TCP? (Choose two)
a. Reliable c. No flow control
b.Connectionlessd. Resends anything not received
2.End system use port numbers to select the proper application what is the lowest port number that can be dynamically assigned by the host system? a.1b. 128
b.256d. 1024
3.During data transfer, what is the receiving host responsible for? (Choose the best two answers). a.Encapsulationd. segmentation
b.Acknowledgemente. reassembly
4.Why does tcp use a sequence number in the header?
a.To reassemble the segments into data
b.To identify the application layer protocol
c.To indicate the number of the next expected byte
d.To show the maximum number of bytes allowed during the session 5.What is the purpose of TCP/UDP numbers?
a.To track the different conversations crossing the network at the same time. b.To indicate the beginning of a three-handshake
c.To reassemble the segments into the correct order
d.To indentify the number or data packets that can be sent without acknowledgement 6. Which layer of the OSI layer is connected with end-to-end message delivery over the network? a.Networkc. Data link

b.Transportd. Application
7.Which layers of the OSI model are combined into other layers of the TCP/IP model? (Choose all that apply) a.Networke. Application
b.Presentationf. Physical
c.Internetg. Session
d.Data linkh. Network access
e.ApplicationI. Transport
8.Which of the following is associated with network layer?
a.IP addressc. Frames
b.MAC addressd. physical address
9.Which of the following is the process for interweaving multiple data streams onto one shared communication channel or network medium? a.Multicastingc. multiplexing
b.Encapsulationd. multithreading
10.Which of the following OSI layer is associated with MAC address? a.1c. 3
b.2d. 4
11.FTP requires _____________ connection(s) between client and server to successfully transfer files. a.1c. 3
b.2d. 4
12.What is GET?
a.A client request for data
b.A protocol that uploads resources or content to the web server c.A protocol that uploads information to the server in plain text that can be intercepted and read d.A response from a server
13.Select three pieces of information about a route that a routing table contains. a.Next-hopd. destination network address
b. Source addresse. metric
c.Last hopf. default gateway
14.Which of the following is not a function of a network layer? a.Routinge. Encapsulation
b.Delivery reliabilityf. Decapsulation
c.Addressing packets with an IP address
d.Application data analysis
15.Which of the following is true about IP?
a.It is connection oriented
b.It uses application data to determine the best path
c.It is used by both routers and hosts
d.It is reliable.
16.Which of the following is true about network layer encapsulation? (Choose two) a.It adds a header to a segment
b.It can happen many times on the path to the destination
c.It is performed by the last router on the path
d.Both source and destination IP addresses are added.
e.It converts transport layer information into a frame.
17.Which of the following is true about TCP and IP? (Choose two) a.TCP is connectionless and IP is connection oriented
b.TCP is reliable and IP is unreliable
c.IP is connectionless and TCP is connection oriented
d.TCP is unreliable and IP is reliable
e.IP operates at the transport layer
18.Why IP “media independent”?
a.It encapsulates Layer 1 instructions
b.It works the same on all layer 1 media
c.It carries both video and voice data
d.It works without layer 1 media.
19.Which is true about static and dynamic routing? (Choose...
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