Cisco: Ccna3 Exploration Chapter 4. Study Questions

Topics: VLAN Trunking Protocol, Ethernet, MAC address Pages: 3 (407 words) Published: November 22, 2011
CCNA3 Exploration Chapter 4. Study questions.

1. What is the purpose of VTP?

2. What sort of link between switches is needed to transmit VTP advertisements?

3. What are the three VTP modes that a switch could take?

4. What name is given to a group of switches that share VLAN information using VTP?

5. Which VTP modes allow switches to save VLAN information in the vlan database?

6. Which VTP versions can be used on a Catalyst 2960 switch, and which is the default version? 7. How is a VTP domain identified?

8. Which command is commonly used to display information about VTP?

9. How is a VTP message encapsulated?

10. What destination MAC address is used for VTP messages?

11. What does a server switch do to the configuration revision number when a new VLAN is added?

12. What is the purpose of including the configuration revision number in a VTP advertisement?

13. Which type of VTP advertisement contains information about VLANs?

14. How often does a switch send out summary advertisements?

15. A client switch is reset. How does it obtain VLAN information?

16. A client switch receives a summary advertisement with a lower configuration revision number than its own. What does it do?

17. A client switch receives a summary advertisement with a higher configuration revision number than its own. What does it do?

18. A transparent switch receives a summary advertisement. What does it do?

19. Which modes of switch will allow you to create new VLANs?

20. Is it possible to have more than one server switch on a domain?

21. Is a transparent switch able to obtain VLAN information when it reboots?

22. Does any VLAN configuration have to be carried out on a client switch?

23. What is the effect of giving the vtp pruning command on a server switch?

24. What happens to the vtp configuration revision number of a switch if you change its vtp domain name?

25. Why...
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