Cisco Case Study

Topics: Proposal, Revenue, Proposals Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Problem statement: In the next BPOC meeting Boston has to support the proposed plan of Cisco’s customer advocacy group. Their proposal was to build a state-of-art customer interaction network which would centralize all incoming calls. My opinion: In my opinion this proposal should be implemented and customer interaction network should be centralized. The advantages of doing that are below: 1. Cisco relied heavily on Information technology to generate revenues. It is not a manufacturing firm and its main focus has always been customer satisfaction. Building up this state-of-art facility will only improve customer satisfaction. 2. Centralization would also be cost effective. Fewer resources would be needed in order to control it. Previously, IT teams in various departments of Cisco were building their own IT tools, which might be redundant. Thus, it will help Cisco in tracking any redundant system and would be able to reuse the current IT software. 3. It would also enable Cisco to track the IT spending more effectively. Now it has to track the spending of various IT departments in various regions. After implementing this solution it will only have track the spending of one centralized department. 4. During decentralization, many departments are using various tools which pulled customer calling data from different sources that used different definitions for key terms. Centralization would also enable Cisco to standardize and stream line the process. 5. BPOC was already working towards centralizing the IT in Cisco. Implementing this state-of-art solution will only complement that strategy. There were already many projects like E-customer and centralized ERP solutions which were being implemented to achieve the centralization strategy. Implementing this project will allow Cisco gain more value out of these. 6. One this new state-of-art project is done, Cisco can also sell it in the name of “Customer Interaction Network” product, which will add to...
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