Cisco Case Study

Topics: Marketing, Brand, Business Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: November 13, 2012
This study case on Cisco Company aims at exploring the distinction between structuring a product in a business to business environment and structuring a product in a consumer market. The study will also unveil whether Cisco's plan to reach out to consumers is a viable one. Building a brand in a business to business environment refer to any business that sells its products to other businesses whereas building a brand in a consumer market means selling products to the end customer both online and offline. In constructing a brand in a business to business, it involves awareness and knowledge structuring activities so as to meet the intended market. To achieve this goal Cisco initiated a television advertisement campaigns to educate its consumers. The campaigns consisted of distinctive information concerning the power of the internet in the day to day life of consumers; the consumers were made aware through a series of questions asked during these advertisements. Looking at the case of Cisco, the company had to employ various techniques in branding and marketing of its routing and networking products. Its products were essentially meant for sale to other businesses in the internet supply market. The targeted customer in a business to business is small and highly focused. It aims at business executives and information technology decision makers to sell their products. For instance, Cisco Company had to identify the market to which their product matched. These were companies who operated data centers and server farms. Business to business branding requires that product brands are developed through aiming specific categories of consumers. In this case, it was computer appliance dealers and information technology suppliers. Therefore, the goal of business to business marketing is to convert potential buyers into clients, and the process is longer and much involving. A business to business company requires focusing on liaison structuring and communication by advertising...
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