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CISCO Systems
(Ticker Symbol: CSCO)
People often wonder how Google can search anything, why is it that I can send an email around the world in a couple seconds, or how can I video chat on Facebook with someone thousands of miles away from me. Believe it or not Cisco Systems offers these technologies to form the back bone of all these advancements. Pretty much all services through the internet we use at work or at home uses products produced by Cisco Systems. When we send an email it travels from your computer to the email provider, then the email provider will use its servers which is most likely Cisco to successfully send it to your desired recipient. Cisco with holds one of the many iconic American dream stories, showing how a small idea can develop into something used by millions people. The following information will show the success of Cisco Systems. Cisco Systems was founded in December 1984 in Menlo Park, California, by a husband and wife team from Stanford University, Leonard Bosack and Sandra Lerner. Bosack was the manager of the computer science department's laboratory, and Lerner oversaw the computers at the graduate school of business. At Stanford, Bosack devised a way to connect the two local area networks in the respective departments where he and his wife worked, 500 yards across campus. Lerner and Bosack initially tried to sell the internet working technology that Bosack had developed to existing computer companies, but none were interested. They then decided to start their own business, Cisco Systems, based on this technology (they came up with the name, a shortened form of San Francisco, while driving across the Golden Gate Bridge). Bosack and Lerner were joined by colleagues Greg Setz, Bill Westfield, and Kirk Lougheed, as cofounders. Stanford University later tried to obtain $11 million in licensing fees from the new company, because Bosack had developed the technology while an employee at the university, but eventually the university...
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