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  • Published : June 5, 2011
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Rethinking Rocky Mountain Outfitters
Chapter 13

Update the RMO relational database design in Figure 13-9 based on the changes that you made to the ERD. Be sure that all your database tables are in 3NF. Write ODL schema specifications for all new classes and relationships that you added to the class diagram. Verify that the new classes and relationships are accurately represented in the updated relational database design that you developed for question 1.

Professor, I am confused about the third normal form. I think I understand the example on page 501, figure 13-13, but I don't know how to determine whether one function is dependent on another. I have attempted to create a table in 3NF showing the steps from 1NF. Please let me know if I am in the least bit on the right track or if I am missing the mark completely.

CustomerTable (1NF)

CustomerTable (2NF)CustomerAddressTable (2NF)

CustomerTable (3NF)CustomerAddressTable (3NF)

(Q) Should I have a separate table for the phone numbers as well?

2. class Customer {
attribute string accountNo
attribute string name
attribute string billingAddress
attribute string shippingAddress
attribute string dayTelephoneNumber
attribute string nightTelephoneNumber

I'm not sure that number 2 actually reflects what I have for number 1. If I were to create a schema for the 3NF it may look similar to this:

class Customer {
attribute string acctNo
attribute string name
attribute string streetAdress
attribute string zip
attribute string phoneNumber

class CustomerAddress {

attribute string zipCode
attribute string state





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