Cis105 Security Systems

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  • Published : November 27, 2011
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Computers benefit from having all-in-one computer security systems installed for several reasons. The first is it makes the computer run at optimum performance. This means the computer will run faster and more efficiently. If a computer crashes and it has this software installed, the software has a system backup that will protect the information on the computer. The software will also tune up the computer to provide better performance. This software is effective because it keeps the computer safe. This software provides the computer owner with piece of mind. Without the software, anytime a computer is turned on with an internet connection, the computer is vulnerable to viruses, hackers, and other intrusive means of damaging the computer, or obtaining personal information. The all-in-one computer security systems include antivirus, antispyware and antiphishing software. This will block any viruses or outside intrusions into the computer. The software also includes a firewall, online identity protection, and website authentication. The online identity protection will protect a user’s confidential information from being accessed from their computer. Website authentication lets the user know if the website is one that can be trusted. Automated backup and restore will protect the computer from losing any of its information and will restore the system automatically. All-in-one computer security systems can also include antispam software, which will protect a users email being bombarded by spam. Basically, all of these features included in the all-in-one computer security systems will make it so the user can feel safe when turning on their computer. Users have so much personal information saved to their computer such as passwords, financial information, and other personal information that these all-in-one computer security systems are necessary to protect all of this information from hackers. If this information were to be obtained by one of these...
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