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  • Published : July 8, 2012
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CIS 207 Week 2/3 Quiz
Answer the following True or False.
1. Software is a set of instructions that tells Computer what to do. True 2. Word processing software is not a type of application Software. False 3. Electronic Data Interchange software is a form of “groupware” True

4. The computer operating system starts the “boot sequence” using information retrieved from the boot sector of a drive(this can be a HDD, USB stick, etc) True 5. Multitasking systems always allow you to conduct at least 12 programs at a single time. True 6. Microsoft Server 2008 is an example of Network operating System. True 7. Any magnetic disk can be used in any magnetic disk drive. False 8. Object oriented languages are always superior to structured programming languages True 9. Data from a handheld data entry device (barcode reader) usually is uploaded to a host computer system for processing. True 10. Registers are used to store data in RAM, the control unit, and the arithmetic logic unit. True Choose the Best Answer

11. Programs do the following
* A. Instructions tell the computer the step-by-step process * B. Instructions are executed in sequence
* C. Follows the instructions as they appear in the program, whether they are right or wrong * D. All of the Above

12. The main function of the operating system is?
* A. Information management
* B. Process management
* C. Video Management
* D. None of the above.

13. The operating system controls data management in the following way: * A. Prints out a report
* B. Normalizes the data tables
* C. Controls the flow of data from storage to output
* D. Sorts the data
* E. None of the above

14. An example of a First generation language is
* A. Assembly Language
* B. C++
* D. Machine Language

15. Which is not a characteristic of a Fourth Generation Language? * A.
* Takes less instructions than a 3GL
* B. Used for “Query Languages”
* C....
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