Cis-207 Individual Assignment-Web Application Paper

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Web Application-Yahoo Mail and Messenger
Tommy Jordan
June 17, 2012
Ike Shia

Web Application-Yahoo Mail and Messenger
This paper will outline and discuss the purpose of the web application Yahoo Mail and Messenger, also how it is used and what changes it has brought about, and finally some future enhancements and uses likely to be implemented. Purpose of Application

The purpose of the Yahoo Mail and Messenger is to allow it users to communicate with any person with electronic mail (e-mail) and the ability electronically to chat or instant message (messenger). The application has been in existence for over 14 years, and it was started on October 8th, 1997. The company’s vision is “To deliver your world, your way. We do that by using technology, insights, and intuition to create deeply personal digital experiences that keep more than half a billion people connected to what matters the most to them – across devices, on every continent, in more than 30 languages” (Yahoo Inc. Company News and Resources, 2012). The application is a great tool to use in staying in touch with business associates, customers, family, and friends. The e-mail application has reduced the need for regular mail services, such as the US Postal Service, or FedEx to get important documents or letters delivered. It has also reduced the delivery time because it can go instantly. This is one of the most utilized mail and messenger application on the web and has over half a billion user’s worldwide (Yahoo Inc. Company News and Resources, 2012). The Uses

The e-mail application is primarily used as a method to send messages, documents, pictures, or letters to any individual with e-mail service. A person with e-mail can send a business letter to a vendor or contractor, and send an invoice to a customer and can send pictures of his or her baby to a friend or family member as long as he or she have e-mail services. The big bonus is that it goes to the recipient very quickly through...
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