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Information Systems Paper


Information Systems Paper
Many of us shop for goods in grocery stores or department stores without considering the remarkable effort it takes to have all of those goods or services ready for consumption. There are many processes that must be observed for any business to run efficiently; such as: accounting, finance, marketing, production, human resources, and management. All of these processes require many trained individuals to make the grand machine that is business move in a direction that benefits clients and companies alike. In this paper I will examine the marketing business process of J C Penney’s as observed from experience while working there. A business process is defined as a collection of related activities that produce a product or a service of value to the organization, its business partners, and/or its customers (R. Kelly Rainer Jr., 2011). The collections of related activities involved in JCP (J C Penney) marketing are as follows: customer satisfaction surveys, returns, customer complaint handling, sales training and sale order entry. First we will start with the customer service surveys. These are stressed to be of the utmost importance to all associates. These surveys gauge the quality of service and product the customer perceives to be receiving, this gives very important feedback the company uses to enhance the shopping experience of the customer and promote sales through customer satisfaction. JCP surveys are filled out online using information found on the receipt and the customer rates the quality of the customer service given by associates, the cleanliness of the store, speed of check-out and they are also encouraged to leave comments on their experience. For filling out the survey customers receive a 15% coupon that they print out upon completion. The return policy at JCP tries to ensure a fair and customer friendly process. If the customer has there receipt they have 90 days from purchase to...
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