Cis 175

Topics: Twisted pair, Coaxial cable, Ethernet Pages: 3 (708 words) Published: September 4, 2012
Assignment 1:

Frederick J. Lewis

CIS 175

Professor Jones


Describe what changes you would suggest in terms of the current network type / structure and how you would lay out the benefits of the changes you recommend. Answer:
First change would be to move away from the decentralized network architecture to one that is centrally controlled. Peer to Peer networks though offer great advantages can be a real hazard for businesses. Decentralized networks introduce new security issues because they are designed so that each user is responsible for controlling their data and resources.. A user may encounter harmful data by downloading a file that was originally uploaded as a virus disguised in an .exe, .mp3, .avi, or any other filetype. This type of security issue is due to the lack of an administrator that maintains the list of files being distributed. With a centralized control, the administrator can be incharge of what is running on the network. It would also help when the company grows and more hardware is added to the networks.

Another important change would be to switch over the network cabling to Ethernet cables, which are a type of twisted pair cabling. These cables are less expensive and more flexible than the coaxial cables and they offer more resistance to “noise”. This is useful not only for the present setup but also when the network expands when more systems are added.

Changes to cabling also introduce compatible hardware requirements such as routers and hubs. Corresponding hardware devices need to be procured to connect the cabling.

Describe why you would suggest connecting all current and new client computers using twisted pair cable instead of staying with the current coax wiring structure. Answer:
The biggest advantage of using twisted pair cable is that it is a lot cheaper compared to coaxial cables. Coaxial cable is more expensive than twisted pair on a per-unit basis. This is significant factor given the future...
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