Cirque Du Soleil

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Cirque du Soleil Recruitment Analysis
“Cirque du Soleil is a multifaceted creative workforce” encompassing “imaginary worlds, art forms from around the world, acting, acrobatic performance, dance, daring, dexterity, and grace” (Cirque du Soleil, 2010). Putting together the right workforce to achieve this result is not necessarily an easy feat. This paper will explore the recruitment decision-making process for attracting job candidates (demand) from the available labor force (supply). Cirque du Soleil (CdS) is in the same position all other organizations are in – they must be able to attract a sufficient number of prospective employees (candidates) with the abilities and aptitudes (knowledge, skills and abilities) needed to achieve its objectives and carry out its core mission and values. Ensuring an effective selection process starts with the development of an effective recruitment program, finding the right techniques and asking the right questions in order to make the decisions as to where, when and how to recruit. Analysis

According to CdS’s website, the process of finding new talent for CdS is a long and involved process that can take years. To begin, an answer to the question of how to generate a sufficient pool of candidates to meet the needs of CdS’s current and future workforce requires some thought before moving forward with any recruitment initiative. Sources of recruitment run the gamut, each with their own pros and cons. The six identified for this paper include the use of the CdS’s career website, recruitment at Olympic games/sporting events, use of an employment agency, attendance at job fairs (i.e.: “Red Curtain Events”), use of an employee referral program, and recruitment from circus schools from around the world. In addition, it is important to use decision-making criteria when choosing the appropriate recruitment source. Consideration should be given to hiring internally versus externally, forecasts, timelines for hiring, the types of position(s) needed, cost of the different recruitment methods, and the ability to interview and extend job offers on the spot. External Recruiting Techniques

• Cirque du Soleil Career Website: This is a relatively inexpensive option, can produce quick results, and is convenient for job-seekers. However, use of career websites, whether the company’s own or through an internet advertising agency, can produce a large amount of applications requiring screening by HR. Because this is a “paper” process, there is no personal contact, requiring the screener to decide solely on the information provided in print. Soft skills, otherwise known as personal attributes, cannot be easily identified, resulting in potential candidates being screened out of the process too early. • Olympic Games/Sporting Events: Daniella Nicole argues that “sixty-five percent of CdS performers are athletes in their own right” (Nicole, 2010). What better place to look for athletic talent than at sporting events? CdS currently has “two talent scouts who regularly attend 15 prominent athletic events, and hold between 12 to 20 auditions each year” (Nicole, 2010). This is certainly a great tool for building a pool of candidates for future opportunities, but would not serve well for immediate needs. In addition, CdS is an organization of over 3000 employees (based on 2010 data), 12 to 20 auditions each year may not create a sufficient pool, hence the need for diverse options to be included in the recruitment toolbox. • Employment Agency: As indicated in the textbook, “agencies can be particularly effective when the firm is looking for an employee with a specialized skill.” This is most certainly the case for a large number of CdS’s positions. However, the two largest drawbacks to this option are the high cost of hiring an employment agency to find the talent and finding an agency that specializes in recruiting artists of this nature. • Job Fairs (“Red Curtain Events”): These...
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