Circumstances and Influential People Helped Hitler Rise to the Chancellorship in 30th January 1933. “How Far Do You Agree?”

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Paul von Hindenburg, Weimar Republic Pages: 4 (1375 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Circumstances and influential people helped Hitler rise to the chancellorship in 30th January 1933. “How far do you agree?”

After the end of the World War one, Germany was going through severe changes which drastically affected it. The German Government struggled to resolve the conflicts in the country. However, after the great Depression it seems it was an impossible task for them. Desperation in Germany opened many doors for extremist people to raise their power. Adolf Hitler saw an opportunities during the crisis, and waited patiently for the favourable occasion. Finally, due to the events and the role people had played. On January, 1933, Hitler was able to become chancellor of Germany.

It was extraordinary to realize how can a man who nobody knew was able to accomplish this far. Once more, life thought the World it was not necessary to come from a pedestal to obtain an impressive charge in the government. When Hitler failed during the Munich Putsch, he realize his lack of support from the people and radicalism were leading him no where. He learned his lesson and decided to give it another chance, but now more cautiously. He wanted to become chancellor by usurping democracy in order to obtain his goal. He began to promise people what they wanted to hear and doing propaganda to elevate his Nazi party. Soon, Germans started to believe in his ideas. With this, Hitler was getting closer and closer to his main objective. However, there was another problem in his way, the president von Hindenburg.

Despite the increased of popularity in Hitler, president Hindenburg instincts did not trusted Hitler. Hindenburg came from a noble family and had a contact with a lot o powerful people. While Hitler, was an Austria man who came from a poor family. The president was discontent with the Weimar Republic. He wanted to make the German government more authoritarian and less democratic, which in other words means more corrupt. Even though, he was an old man he knew how...
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