Circuit Training

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  • Published : October 11, 2011
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Ahmad Obeidat
Circuit Training
P.E Project

Circuit training is a bunch of exercises that are placed in a training session in order to insure an increase in stamina, fitness, muscle building and many other essential attributes. In this project I have chosen to do a circuit training exercise for football players. Football is a game played all over the world, however what makes people good players in football are a couple of things that others lack. The attributes a footballer must have are stamina, strength, speed, balance, flexibility and endurance. So a footballer must have these qualities in order to insure that he is a good player, thus coaches do drills and practices that will create these qualities. This is why circuit training is a made available, the coach sets a couple of practices and the player must do them together, every player is at a station for an amount of time he does what he is supposed to and then moves to the other stations. I have created a circuit training especially made for football.

The exercises that will be included are:
* Push-ups
* Sit-ups
* Weight lifting (3 types)
* Sprinting
* Running with a ball in a zigzag line
* Jump rope
* Shooting practice

I have chosen these exercises because they help develop the skills mentioned above that are needed in football. Here I will explain why each and every one of these is needed.


Push-ups are needed because they create a better body for the athlete if the athlete is not able to do them he is a weak one. Push-ups create a better body for the athlete by building muscles in the chest, biceps, triceps and the back. They create much needed muscles in the athletes body, these muscles are needed in order to increase physical strength and they do help during play since pushing and being pushed occur.


Sit-ups are needed because they build muscles in the stomach area and lower back area, we need those muscles because they...
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