Circle of Gold

Topics: Mother, George Costanza, Family Pages: 2 (718 words) Published: January 15, 2013
It's about a little girl whose family seems to have fallen apart after the loss of her father. she wants to give her mother the perfect Mother's Day gift: a gold pin...She spends most of the book working hard to earn it. Trying to find a job in a small neighborhood is hard. Mattie just got called off on a babysitting job and her mother is in bad condition. While shopping with her best friend Toni, Mattie finds the perfect gift for her mother for mother's day but the problem was that she didn't have enough money to buy such an expensive gift. She try to put a deposit and was left with 30days to come up with the money to buy the gold pin* with one perfect pearl on top. Mattie thought this gift would bring everyone in her family back together again and to show her mother that she loved her very much. After Mattie's father had died, everything at home was rough, but Mattie believed that it would be a first step to what she dreamed to have a loving family that's together and happy. To find the way to get enough money to buy the pin, Mattie gives in a try to write an essay for the contest to win $50, but Mattie isn't the best writer so in the end she asked her best friend Toni to, but she asked, "Is lying to win something worth it?" In the end she wrote a letter to the editorial and she had tied for first prize for the contest and to her surprise though she didn't buy the pin herself when her date was up the prize to the contest was the pin and her mother bursts in tears saying that she loved Mattie.

The story Circle of Gold is about a girl named Mattie. Mattie had just lost her father and she lives with her mother and her two little brothers. Mattie’s mother has not been feeling well so Mattie decided to buy her a wonderful present for mother’s day. One day while Mattie was shopping , she saw a gold pin, which she taught would be the perfect gift to her mother but the pin cost 50$. Mattie didn’t have have 50$ so she paid 10$ so that the store would keep it for her...
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