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Chemical Industrial and Pharmaceutical Laboratories (CIPLA)
 The growing problem of AIDS across the world, especially in poor countries of Africa, called for an urgent need of producing affordable drugs to combat the disease. Chemical Industrial and Pharmaceutical Laboratories (CIPLA), the third largest pharmaceutical company in India and one of the leading generics producers, offered to supply certain AIDS drugs to these countries, at about a tenth of the price offered by multinationals. This move by CIPLA sent the big pharma players across the world scurrying to lower their prices and to stop generic versions of their drugs being sold. CIPLA REPORT 2012

The Directors take pleasure in presenting the Seventy-Sixth Annual Report of the Company along with the Audited Accounts for the financial year ended 31st March 2012. Financial Summary
Year ended Year ended 31st March 2011 31st March 2012
6490 Gross total revenue 7223
1151 Profit before tax 1421
960 Profit after tax 1124
1699 Surplus brought forward from last balance sheet 2298
2659 Profit available for appropriation 3422
Appropriations: 64 Interim dividend -
160 Dividend 160
37 Tax on dividend 26
100 Transfer to general reserve 125
2298 Surplus carried forward 3111 crore
The Directors recommend a dividend of Rs.2 per share on 80,29,21,357 equity shares of Rs.2 each for the year 2011-12 amounting to Rs.160.58 crore. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY
Cipla launched the first-ever painless, non-invasive and radiation-free breast scanning technology called the 'No Touch Breast Scan' (NTBS) for detecting breast cancer at an early stage. The NTBS would be exclusively marketed by Cipla across various diagnostic centres and hospitals in India and has been already installed at Mumbai, Pune and Indore. This initiative would increase awareness, in particular among younger women, and facilitate regular scanning. The Company had recently announced a breakthrough price reduction on select cancer...

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