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According to Beevers and Rea (2010), "An effective L&D practitioner knows what is required of them and enjoys building their capability to meet the requirements. Once they have developed a sound base of essential skills and knowledge continues to seek new learning experiment with approaches and keep renewing their abilities as learning and development professionals". "L&D job titles include: Trainer, L&D Consultant, Training Adviser, and Training Hence CIPD –as per Beevers and Rea (2010)," is the professional body for 'those responsible for the management and development of people within organization' "- has developed the HR Profession Map to measure and advice employee in how to develop their knowledge, Behaviors required in order to meet organization's objectives. Knowledge, Skills and Behavior of L&D to be an effective in L&D role: Learning and Development roles vary depend on some factors like type of organization, how big it is and in which field or sector. Each organization will require different level of improvement in staff performance. These are many variations of L&D roles; they may, for example, be involved in: • Identifying learning needs, planning, designing, delivering & evaluating of learning activities. Such role required certain number of staff in L&D and programs to cover all departments' staff and what type of development needed and how can be implemented. • Advising people in the organization about L&D guidance others for L&D purposes. • Maintaining L&D data in a system. In order to maintain and design all data in usefully. • Reconcile expense of training against budgeted. Planning and monitoring training cost.

To play these roles in effective and right way CIPD developed what they called HR Profession Map and divided it into 10 professional areas as follow: 1. strategy insights and solutions
2. leading and managing the human resources function
3. organization design
4. organization...
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