Cinmmunicating for Distant Education

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Write a message of 100 to 200 words either to your family, friends, or classmates. Hey, today was I was in a minor car accident, but I am ok. Nobody really got hurt, but obviously I feel a “little” rattled from this experience. Please let the family now that I am fine and there is nothing to worry about. It was just a little finder bender I am fine and so is everyone else that was in my car. The biggest deal of this all is dealing with the insurance company of course. Hopefully everything goes by smooth and all this is taken care of love you all and talk to you soon. Write a formal letter of 100 to 200 words to the insurance company. Use salutations and sign-offs where appropriate. Today on February 2, 2013 I was in a car accident my car has minor scratches to the rear end the car. There were three other people in the car with me during the accident and none of us have any injuries. The other car has minimal damage to it as well. There were also no injuries in the other vehicle. The driver and I both provided each other with our insurance info. My policy number is 123456789 and the other driver is insured through Somekindof Insurance his policy number is 987654321. Thank you for your time, Travis Drake.

Writing tone is very important it allows your read to understand how you are feeling at any given time. There are many different ways to do this such as capitalization and how you write certain things. Saying things like Please call me look and sound different to someone reading this then PLEASE CALL ME. Another thing you can do is make sure you are acting appropriate for your current audience weather it is your facilitator or friend You should always personalize your writing to whatever Is appropriate. Instead of just having a general letter like above you should write your letter or response in the appropriate way for your audience. If you are writing friend or a family member you can be more relaxed then if you are writing something that needs to sound...
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