Cineplex Galaxy: Business Analysis

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  • Published : November 14, 2010
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The importance of the target market mentioned in this case is extremely important. With fifty percent of the movie market being movie goers who are under the age of twenty-five, production companies are creating movies that specifically cater to their liking. While 33 percent of the market is those from ages 26 to 39, they more than likely consist of those parents bringing their children to the movies or out with their girlfriends for a night. The remaining 17 percent are those over the age of 39 who aren’t covered in this case. The baby boomer generation should especially be remembered due to the fact they make up the largest segment of population. If the theaters began to offer a day where that 17 percent could go and enjoy classic favourites such as West Side Story and To Kill a Mockingbird it might bring a whole generation back to the movies and increase revenue.

Pricing is a very important issue. For a family of four, it costs almost $100 dollars after the purchase of movie tickets, beverages, and food. That’s just one night at the movies. If they were to do that once a week, it’d be an estimated $400 per month, at 12 months a year is $4800 a year. That’s almost equivalent to what a college student pays in tuition fees and books for one year. Despite having discount Tuesdays and matinees, that’s only making the cost of the movie tickets lower, not the cost of goods. While the prices are between $12 to $14 for a movie ticket, the concession stand is where people lose their money. What they can purchase cheaper at any grocery store, they are forced to purchase in the theatre at mark-ups which can be as high as 100 percent. The high pricing is causing people to bring large purses and fill them with bottled drinks and their favourite goodies to snack on, only purchasing popcorn. If the theatre offered lower prices, and a wider variety of goodies, they might increase their sales. People will buy more for less!

Being a movie goer myself, I enjoy knowing...
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