Cinematic Techniques

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  • Published : January 1, 2013
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Lights, Camera, Action
How do directors create emotional and powerful scenes? Directors use Cinematic Techniques to create the audiences’ thoughts into the film and to get them into what is going on. Cinematic Techniques include shots, framing, camera angles, camera movement, lighting, editing, and also sound. In Tim Burton’s film, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, one can just notice all the sounds and the camera movement. These techniques are used in many ways. Whether the movie is a nice and loving romance or intense action flick, the audience will always see and feel the effect of the scene Why use these techniques? One might use a high angle shot to make one weak or powerless or a low angle shot to make one powerful and threatening. For an example, in Charlie and the Chocolate factory, Tim Burton uses high angles to show how small the Oompa Loompas are and also to see all the details of the factory from a high point of view so the audience would feel as if they are in the film themselves. There are lots of shots one could use for different effects. Like a long shot to show the background and the setting, or an extreme close up to show details and focus on that one object or thing.

Storyboards are just another step for Cinematic Techniques. One of the first steps before even hiring the actors is making a storyboard; they are how the story gets started. Storyboards are to plan out all of the scenes to decide on what camera shot or angle would be best for that moment in the film. Storyboards can also help the director to see the important shots one must take in order to create that desired effect and to expand the visualization of each scene. Using storyboards directors use thumbnails to draw and write what is planned for the shot should look like while filming. They also help the camera man/woman to know exactly where the shot should be and what’s going on.

The techniques directors use are often different from techniques authors use. But they also can...
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