Cinema Ticket Booking System of Tanjong Golden Village Cinema

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  • Published : January 25, 2013
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Cinema Ticket Booking System also can be called as Movie Ticket Booking System or even named as Ticket Reserving System. This is a system that enable consumer to reserve or book movie ticket online with the help of internet. It is also known as online website where user will register the details and use the site to get updated movies in theatre and search for suitable cinema location as well as reserving movie ticket. Besides that, TGV cinema has been rapidly expanded in the major city in Malaysia. TGV will constantly upgrade and maintain all the system in order to keep the reservation process perform in good condition. All salesperson hire are giving training in handle the system, so that customers can enjoy an efficient service. Furthermore, the system enables customers to view or check the latest news, promotions and announcement of TGV.With this system, cinema management have the authority to check by ticket number for valid user. Now consumer able to watch movie without physically queuing up at the cinema counter to buy movie ticket. Background of Tanjong Golden Village Cinema

TGV Cinemas Sdn Bhd owns and operates the largest multiplex circuit in the country. TGV has 115 screens in 15 multiplexes. In line with its vision to provide the "ultimate cinema-going experience" to the discerning public TGV offers numerous facilities and conveniences, such as generous seating gradients, sophisticated digital sound and projection systems, central computerized ticketing system with integrated tele-reservation hotlines, and facilities for the handicapped including special wheelchair lifts. TGV is the market leader in cinema design and technology, and continues to bring the latest in movie-going to the Malaysian public. TGV Cinemas Sdn Bhd (TGV) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tanjong PLC. TGV Cinema Sdn Bhd believe the excitement an each movie-going experience can be achieved by providing variety of choices, comfortable environment, convenience services which make them the first to introduce these total concept to astute Malaysian. Their vision is to held several multiplexes under one roof where big screens, latest projection and digital sound technology, stadium seating, concession stands to allow consumer to have the perfect movie-going experience. This perception is build in consumer mind to think of TGV Cineplex whenever they wanted to experience memorable and high quality services, they could always take TGV Cineplex as their first choice. Enhancing the consumer with latest digital sound’s (THX- Tomlinson Holman eXperiment - a set of technical standards created by Lucasfilm to ensure optimum sound and visual performance. Had become the most critical of cinema sound and projection standards that are in existence today).

2.Feasibility Study – Proposed Systems
This study is to see whether the current systems or project worthiness on foregoing plan or not. From the current cinema ticket booking systems, there are some changes in need to be investigated and improve to make the systems work more effectively and efficiently. Under this feasibility study, a few types of feasibility such as operational, economical, technical and schedule feasibility study is tested to ensure the further decisions making on the current booking systems we have.

2.1Operational Feasibility
This feasibility going to test whether the current system or project can solve problem that is found or can the current systems able to get advantage from slight opportunity in order to achieve company objectives. Operational feasibility is dependent on human resources available for the project and involves projecting whether the system will operate and be used once it is installed. Operational feasibility depends on several vital issues. This project is done based on our student own assumptions. Therefore we assume the management support the project. Some users support and some did not. The current system well is liked and...
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