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Topics: Alfred Hitchcock, The Double Life of Véronique, Film Pages: 7 (3024 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Looking closely and carefully, multiple similarities were found in the following movies we watched in class; Strangers on a Train, Three Colors: Red, Black Swan, and The Double Life of Veronique. All four movies had their multiple dramatic and mysterious moments. At the same time, characterizing or putting a label on any of these movies would be difficult, as they are all open to interpretation to the readers. To add on, these films all revolved around an innocent main character, which has somewhat of a delicate personality. In each movie, the protagonist has an occupation which requires some sort of talent or artistic value. Going deeper, it was found that the protagonist of each movie is a dynamic character, which alters throughout the course of the story. To top it all off, each of these movies had a soothing conclusion, leaving the viewer fairly comfortable with the story. Although these films are from different time periods, and directed towards different audiences, multiple relations have been found to connect them together, ultimately leading towards a better understanding of all four movies.

Each of these movies revolves around dramatic and mysterious characters. Strangers on a Train, said to be film-noir, had its dramatic and mysterious moments. For example, Guy doesn’t know a thing about Bruno, and they are apparently strangers to each other. Mysteriously, Bruno is at the right place at the right time, in a train alone with Guy, who also has thought about murder. To the viewer, it is a mystery whether Bruno planned being with Guy on the train, or if it’s all just a coincidence. Also, when Bruno commits the murder, the entire scene is full of drama and mystery. Bruno creeps up on Miriam and follows her all night, leaving her to wonder whether he is just an unusual and creepy individual, or if he is just coincidentally ending up at all the same places at the fair that she’s at. After Bruno strangles Miriam, he shows up across the street from Guy’s building, dramatically breaking the news of the murder to Guy before he gets to answer the phone. Black Swan includes an entire mysterious and dramatic series of events. Throughout the film, there are several scenes where the viewer cannot distinguish between reality, a dream, or a hallucination. Because of this, it is impossible to know Lily’s intentions for Nina and the play. At one point, Nina believes that Lily is going to steal her spot as Swan Queen, so she kills her before performing. With this scene came a lot of mystery and confusion, on whether Lily was even a real person or just someone made up in Nina’s head to help her get in touch with her dark side. Nina herself is an exceptionally dramatic character; therefore, the viewer has the chance to feel the dramatic emphasis and the weakness in her portrayal of Nina. In the Double Life of Veronique, the entire movie is mysterious in a sense that the viewer does not really know who Veronique, or Weronika, really is. It cannot be differentiated why Veronique and Weronika exist simultaneously, and why they are essentially the same person with the same life. To include drama, Veronique feels pain and shows weakness when Weronika dies. The viewer is unsure as to why this happens, but plenty of drama exists when Veronique says, “I feel like I am grieving, as if someone close to me has died.” To conclude, the role of Alexandre is also mysterious, because he seems to know a lot about Veronique without ever meeting her, leaving the audience to wonder whether he had known Weronika before meeting Veronique. Three Colors: Red consists of an entire story line, and a side story, which can be interpreted as mysterious and dramatic for the viewer. Both the judge and Valentine are especially mysterious people. The whole side story of Auguste, who finds his lover cheating on him, shows mystery by allowing the viewer to interpret their own understanding of what could be going on. Some could think that Auguste and Valentine are...
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