Cinderella: Old and New

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  • Published : June 18, 2012
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Compare and Contrast "Cinderella" old and new

Majority of this world's population has had at least one encounter with a fairy tale whether it is movie or book. Fairy tales are intended to build confidence, self-esteem and hope for brighter futures. The story,”Cinderella” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm and Walt Disney's animated version of “Cinderella”have some differences whereas the internal values remain the same marriage, prosperity and happiness despite lives triumph will come to those who are pure at heart. Both authors display good conquers evil through symbolism, characterization, and audience. Now, characterization for both “Cinderella” tales have the protagonist, Cinderella good, hard working,and kindhearted in which the antagonist, the evil stepmother a mean jealous out of control villain. The protagonist and antagonist support theme based on their attitudes towards each other throughout both versions of “Cinderella”. Grimm's characterization of Cinderella has her committed to going to her mothers grave to cry and pray. This is important because in the beginning her mother on her death bed calls for her and says “Dear child, if you are good and say your prayer's faithfully, our dear Lord will always help you, and I shall look down from heaven and always be with you”(Grimm 115-116). These words of wisdom stay with her. Disney's “Cinderella” was surrounded by singing animals friends in her room. Her father and mother dies so basically she is an orphan. The only inspiration Cinderella had was her faith in her dreams.(Disney) Grimm's stepmother has a evil sense as she has influenced the father to go along with her cruelty making Cinderella a slave. She has to do all the chores and sleep on an ash bed. Disney's stepmother goes to the extent of locking Cinderella away once she realizes Prince Charming is looking for her to be his wife. Characterization in each story differ but the share one message good surpasses evil. Significantly the audience for which...
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