Cinderella Man Great Depresion

Topics: Wall Street Crash of 1929, Great Depression, James J. Braddock Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Movie extra credit
The Cinderella Man is a movie based on a true story during the Great Depression in New Jersey. The movie portrayed many scenes that are much related to the Depression period. In September 25, 1929, just 1 month from Black Tuesday, James J. Braddock was living in style, big bucks to earn, he lived in a house, had a lot of jewelry on his cub board, and other valuables. The Roaring twenties looked fun but that was just a small vacation from the Depression. Four years into the Depression, which the Depression was likely caused by the Stock market crash of October 29, 1929, Braddock’s life has very much changed, he now lives in a basement, has not much stuff since 4 years back and has his electricity bill past due. His boxing license was revoked and he was forced to try to find another job, which was almost impossible at the time. Braddock seemed to lose control of his life, just like most Americans did at the time. The Depression had tremendous social and psychological impact on most people. When Braddock's son stole meat from the butcher Braddock returned the meat to the store and explained it to his son that he cannot steal, no matter what, Braddock showed that his moral values did not change even when he and his family was starving, he still had the strength to remain honest. Not only his morals remained intact during the very difficult times, but also his family life was surprisingly just as good if not better than during the good times. No matter what happened he saved his loving, respectful relationship with his wife and his children. His children and his wife were always waiting for him at the door after each fight with compassion and they laughed and cried together. His family ties were very strong, they stood behind him every step on his way to success and probably he can thank his family for what he had accomplished. The viewer could also see how rich people acted at the time. Braddock's boss quickly got rid of him after he became...
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