Cinderella Man Camera Angle Essay

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Film producers use different presentational devices to give the audience hints about the characters and actions going on in the film. Using the characters James Braddock and Max Baer from the film Cinderella Man, I am going to investigate how film producers use camera angles, costume, and lighting, settings, music and character interaction to create more meaning for the audience. I will specifically be looking at the creation of James Braddock as a good character and Max Baer as a bad character. James Braddock is a very kind hearted, honest family man. The film producer is able to show this through many camera angles of his actions and emotions. We see a close up of James Braddock when he is at the gate waiting and hoping to be picked for a job at the docks. You see in this shot it mainly focuses on James’ facial expressions. You see that he is worried that he may not be chosen for a job and he will return to his family with no money. You see that he has some hope and that he is concerned that he may not be chosen for the job because of his hand. This certain angle is a close up of a characters face and mainly focuses on their facial expressions. This angle helps the audience understand how the character is feeling by having a close up of their face and being able to see their facial expressions. We see James’ family man/caring side in a mid-angle shot after he comes home from a fight and tells his children that he has won a fight. This mid-angle shot is James sitting down hugging his three children with a huge smile on his face. Although winning the fight would’ve made James happy being home with his family brings so much more joy to him. The way he acts and looks around his children shows that he is a real family man and that he would do whatever he can just to make his family happy. Mid-angle shots are usually shots from the waist upward and allow other people in the shot. This shot mainly shows how this character reacts around certain people and shows some...
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