Cinderella Man

Topics: James J. Braddock, Boxing, Max Baer Pages: 2 (781 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Cinderella Man
From a descent fighter making it by in the world, to soup lines, to making one intense comeback, Braddock lived the ultimate American dream. “Cinderella Man,” James Braddock comes from New Jersey and he’s a light-heavyweight boxer in the start of this film. Making it by in life, he is forced to give up his dream when he ends up fighting with a broken hand, which took him out of the ring when he threw an illegal punch. That punch resulted with James losing his license. The Braddock’s could not afford to keep up with everything financially. He gives it his all in order to overcome the hardships he and his family are living. In an earlier scene Braddock gave his daughter his ration of a breakfast as she begged her mother in hunger, for more. “Here is a movie where a good man prevails in a world, where every day is an invitation to despair, where resentment would seem fully justified, where doing the right thing seems almost gratuitous, because nobody is looking and nobody cares.” (Ebert, Para 9) Braddock prays for the ability to provide, despite all he does he just could not make ends meet. His wife Mae sent the children away to her sisters so that they would be warm and provided for. He is so upset because he had promised those little ones they would never be separated and that he would do anything to keep their family together. Braddock resorts to begging his managers and others when he couldn’t afford to turn the utilities back on. He sells anything and everything worth a dime just to be able to provide for his wife and children, and get those kids back home. Braddock takes his collection of change along with wages from the docks and he managed to get the bills paid. The man just wants to be able to put food on the table as well as heat the home simultaneously. He manages to bring the kids back home and they run through filled with joy as they flicked nearly every light switch on. Nothing could have made them happier than to be back home and for...
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