Cinderella Man

Topics: Great Depression, New Deal, Adolf Hitler Pages: 2 (759 words) Published: April 13, 2008
Cinderella Man

1.James Braddock’s life in the 1920’s before the stock market crashed was easy living. His family had a nice house with everything they wanted. James was winning fights and his children had plenty of food to eat. But in the 1930’s after the depression James had to sell everything he had to stay out of poverty. He and his family are living in an apartment and struggle everyday to make rent, electric, and food for the family. Spirits are crushed and they need some motivation to keep them going. 2.Adults for fun, if they could afford it, could go see a fight, watch movies at the local cinema, speakeasies, or just relax at home. 3.As far as African Americans and Mexicans go they suffered the same as everyone else. They lost money and people everywhere were affected equally. During this time America had people leaving to go to other countries. 4.If James Braddock was a world war veteran or part of the bonus army I think he world want his rights for taking part in the war but also I don’t think he would be fight either. A real slap in the face for Hoover to send a militia to the WW1 army vets. 5.The labor unions where organized groups fighting for equal rights among workers and there employers. They did this to get equal wages, hours, and better working conditions. 6.Basically what Hoover did for us during the depression was put a band-aid over a gunshot wound. FDR and his new deal brought laws and restrictions to America. Hoover got right in there in the first 100 hundred days to help us by using the three R’s (relief, recovery, reform). 7.The direct relief was money that was handed out to people who could not make money for there family. It was an example of the well fare we have today. The new deal in three ways; the WPA, Social Security, and FDIC could have helped the...
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