Cinderella in Therapy

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  • Published : February 27, 2005
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Cinderella in Therapy

In the movie "Cinderella," Cinderella is a maid to an evil stepmother and two very heartless and obnoxious stepsisters. The only reason that Cinderella still puts up with their orders is an example of the Behavioral perspective. The Behavioral Perspective puts emphasis on learning by experience with rewards and punishments. She knows that if she does not do the chores, she will be punished or thrown out of the household. She does not have anywhere to go because her mother and father have passed away. Because Cinderella is a genuinely kind human being who wishes to please, she usually does not stick up for herself against the others in the household. She is used to taking on the brunt of the housework and doesn't complain of her unfair and lowly position as maid of her own house.

Cinderella is a dreamer and dreams about being rescued from the unhappy confinement she is stuck in, and living happily ever after with her prince charming. She believes that the treatment she receives can only get better, so she is still hopeful day after day, through all the severe treatment the house members put her through. The movie does not give much information about her childhood or past memories, so there is not much that we can derive from those aspects of the cognitive perspective. The cognitive perspective puts emphasis on individual potential for growth and the role of unique perceptions in guiding behavior and mental processes.

Cinderella is an overall good person. She is a much better person than most people. She is very kind to all creatures, whether it be animals or humans. Cinderella takes it upon herself to robe, feed, and befriend the animals of the house. She takes care of her evil stepmother and stepsisters because she is good at heart, and she will put up with their torture to help them. She could choose not to help them, or just to leave, but she knows that she won't have anything left, and they need her. It is...
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