Cinderella and Her Love

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Cinderella and Her Love
Falling in love is an intense process both in the real world and in fairy tale lands. Every situation varies, with different impetuses and obstacles. This is especially obvious looking at relationships from culture to culture. Cinderella, known as a Disney princess in the Western culture, seems to have a pattern of how she “falls in love” in the many cultures she represents to, such as French, German, West African, and Chinese. Most individuals who read variants from various cultures will more than likely be ethnocentrically comparing those versions to the Disney tale most popularly known in the Western culture. Whether one is reading Charles Perrault’s Cinderella or the West African version, it can be seen that she does not dive right in to falling in love with the prince. They all similar with her need to get her form of closure from her family before there is much evidence of falling in love with the prince.

Cinderella has a complex and almost depressing way of falling in love with the male figure that every woman dreams of, which is that she is mainly in love with the thought of acceptance. Her desire to be loved and respected causes her to tire herself from working. Charles Perrault’s “Cinderella” is closest to the widely-known Disney Cinderella that children of all ages know and love. In his version, it is most clearly shown that she is adamant when it comes to her getting the approval of her sisters. Perrault illustrates how Cinderella’s sisters ask for her opinion on what they should wear to the ball. They clearly tease and pick on her while she is still giving them advice and offering to style their hair for them. Perrault then says, “Anyone else would have done their hair in knots for them, but she had a sweet nature, and she finished it perfectly,” which is even more convincing of her strong desire for some sort of acceptance or attention from her sisters. After the prince found the slipper and discovered that...
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