Cinderella Analysis

Topics: Gender role, Fairy tale, Cinderella Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: March 1, 2012
For the purpose of this behavior analysis paper I chose the fairy tale character of Cinderella to analyze. Cinderella is a very familiar cartoon character among young children, especially young girls. Cinderella is a young woman who lives with her step-mother, who is often described as evil, and her two spoiled step-sisters. Unfortunately for Cinderella, her step-sisters are the jewels in their mother's eyes, while Cinderella is just taking up space in the background. The Cinderella movie depicts Cinderella's step-sisters as beautiful, privileged young women who get to go out and enjoy life, while Cinderella must stay at home to tend to the household chores.

Cinderella spends a lot of time doing all of these chores, and she shows a great degree of obedience, acting directly as her step-mother orders her to, strictly because she was told to (Myers, 2008). One may see Cinderella doing all of the household chores and wonder why she does not stand up for herself so that the chores may be shared between Cinderella and her step-sisters. This would enable Cinderella to also be able to go to parties and enjoy life outside of the house, as her step-sisters do. One may also look at Cinderella's inferior behavior and attribute it to Cinderella being a weak or easily persuaded young woman. However, to make these attributions would be to commit the Fundamental Attribution Error (Myers, 2008). Cinderella's behavior may in fact have nothing to do with her personality, and therefore, it would be inappropriate to make a personal attribution about her (Myers, 2008). Cinderella's environment is very overwhelming. Her step-mother and step-sisters are very demanding and unkind to her. Cinderella lives with three people who make it known that they dislike her. Because of this home environment, it would be more appropriate to make a situational attribution about Cinderella's behavior (Myers, 2008). Taking Cinderella's situation into perspective, it is very probable that Cinderella's...
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