Cinderella's Plight

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  • Published : January 3, 2013
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I believe the Australian government has forfeited humanity, for the race to win elections: based on the false belief that the Australian people have reduced their collective humanity. In my opinion our leaders assume they must create impoverished policies for the implementation of the “Migration Act 1958” to ensure re-election. I believe our leaders have allowed controversy and ignorance to overcome our humanity. We are urged into a time where we will retrospectively call an era of shame and disgrace.

I have professionally been involved in many migration cases. I will address one. I have chosen this as it screams amongst the loudest. I have altered all names and identifying markers to comply with confidentiality. I have had the pleasure of spending four months sharing a small part of a native Papua New Guinean ladies life. I will call her Cinderella.

Cinderella has fled her home, absconding from bestiality and severe domestic violence, leaving her three small children behind. The Oxfam organisation report confirms the frightening statistics: “A harsh reality for many women in PNG - two out of three has experienced domestic violence and 50% have experienced forced sex.” Cinderella cannot go home without fear of death from her own husband. Cinderella has severe physical scars. Her husband and his third wife repeatedly beat her. Her jaw has been broken, during one of many beatings, and left to mend without medical assistance. Cinderella cannot return home to her parents. Her father is dead and the familial lands are now owned by her brothers. Cinderella has brought shame to the family for fleeing to Australia and defying her husband. Her husband paid a “bride price” thus she is property belonging to her husband. Discrimination and violence against women and children are widespread within her homeland. Females face high mortality rates from the lack of basic maternal health services,...
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