Cinderella's Diary

Topics: Cinderella, Meaning of life, Prince Charming Pages: 3 (960 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Oscar Alvarez
How does the tone or imagery in poetry make it better for the reader to understand? The emotional reactions or mental visualization of the tone or imagery can help create the overall meaning for a poem. Adding one of these or even both can help visualize the readers mind into better understanding how the writer wants to convey the meaning of a poem.

The poem “Cinderella’s Diary” is a short poem that is supposed to be about Cinderella’s life, taking place after “happily ever after”. It goes to show that not everything has a happy ending. The very beginning of the poem starts with Cinderella stating that she misses her stepmother. Her tone in the first sentence alone already shows how her life is terrible living with the prince. Even she could not believe that she is saying this since her life before meeting the prince was miserable because her stepmother treated Cinderella like dirt, making her do every household chore.

Cinderella claims that the prince is not like what she imagined he would be like after they got together. In fact she explicitly says that he is boring, nothing at all like he was when they first met. Cinderella bluntly saying this goes to show her tone for her life with the prince. She also states that for her to get dressed for the prince and the queen and everyone else, it takes about four hours. She also mentions the page, which is the person holding the door, appears “cute enough to eat”. This is just one of the people in the poem that she fantasizes and thinks about. Not only that, she questions his presence, asking where he is after the prince kisses her forehead goodnight.

In the second paragraph of the poem, the imagery in this part is very strong because the descriptions of the men by Cinderella are specific. Cinderella goes on and on about how in the morning she looks outside the window at the hunters musky manly physique. She describes them as dark men with blood on their boots from their targets. They...
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