Cimplicity Hmi Overview

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Plant-wide data collection, monitoring and control

The information infrastructures of today’s manufacturing operations share one important trait – they are only as effective as the quality of the data they are built upon. In order to truly understand and control your operations, you must be able to trust that your data is fully accurate, relevant and up to date. Furthermore, you must be able to share that information with users across your enterprise. As part of GE Fanuc

Automation’s Process Execution and Supervisory Control family of Intelligent Production Management solutions, CIMPLICITY HMI gives you that power. With an open system design approach, a true client/server architecture and the latest web technologies, CIMPLICITY HMI allows you to realize the benefits of digitization for the collection, monitoring, supervisory control and sharing of critical production data throughout your operations.

CIMPLICITY HMI Features and Benefits

Powerful Monitoring and Control Over Your Production
• Consolidates data collection from all of your

Increased ROI
• Connectivity with your existing infrastructure to

Powerful Software Architecture
• Scalable Client/Server architecture • High level of data integrity • Easy to share data between nodes • Superior feature set • Easy to replicate CIMPLICITY projects • Redundancy option system architecture • Open systems easily integrate to Enterprise systems

facilities sensors and devices
• Transforms data into dynamic text, alarm information

and graphic displays
• Provides access to real-time and historical data,

maximize your current technology investment • Faster time to market with new products • Increased productivity, efficiency and profitability throughout your production • Reduced downtime and operational costs Robust Connectivity to Other Software, Systems and Devices

• Connectivity to hundreds of the most popular plant

helping you make better decisions
• Helps prevent problems before they occur • Improves quality, productivity and profitability

Sophisticated Alarming and Trending
• ActiveX charting objects and methods • Multi-user sorting and filtering • Real-time and historical trends available

Ease of Use for New and Experienced Users
• Fast and easy application development • Single integrated development environment • Easy access to power tools • Drag and drop configuration • Basic/Advanced Point Configuration • Progressive Disclosure • Intelligent Defaults • Comprehensive Experts and Wizards

floor control devices • Compatibility with iHistorian® and infoAgent™ Plant Intelligence applications allows access to best-inclass data collection, Web visualization and analysis Powerful Visualization Options

• Traditional Client Viewer allows multiple users

on the same chart
• Quick trends with zero configuration required

to be added easily to the system
• Remote WebView Products provide access

information while you roam the facility
• Windows Terminal Services allow remote

system administration
• Alarm Pagers quicken response time to issues

CIMPLICITY HMI provides a powerful solution to your discrete manufacturing needs. With plant wide alarm management capabilities you can quickly isolate problems, improve quality, and reduce scrap.

Intelligent Production Management (IPM)
Optimizing Operational Performance
Intelligent Production Management (IPM) is a growing category of technologies designed to manage – and ultimately improve – every aspect of the manufacturing production process. It includes a comprehensive group of solutions designed to help users at all levels of the organization perform critical production functions more efficiently and effectively. IPM hardware and software applications span a broad spectrum of functionality to manage key areas of the production lifecycle – from controlling plant floor processes to analyzing and sharing performance data to...
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