Cigarettes: Adolescence and Smoking

Topics: Adolescence, Drinking culture, Tobacco smoking Pages: 12 (3606 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Cause and Effect of Smoking and Drinking Among Teenagers


Each year a great amount of money are being wasted in smoking and drinking although it is quiet obvious that smoking and drinking habit is dangerous to health but still a large number of people especially teenagers are attracting and getting involved in these vices day by day. Teenage is an enjoyable period of life span which offers all delight, it can be positive and negative as well. Between the age group of 14-18 years a person is most likely to attract towards vices because of their environment. This is also the age where factors like stress, attention disorder, psychological pressure and conflicts from parents play an important role in impacting the individual personality and most teens are seen fighting with these kind of problems due to lack of parental interest or sometime over protectiveness of parents.

Just as we know that it is a common trend in our society or activity in teens that while having a hang-out with friends, posing some personality impact or just kill their depression they may start to drink or try to smoke. Peer pressure, cheap student bars and the freedom of living away from home all contribute to the choices student make. In the short term, teenage drinking can impair academic performance because it affects concentration and makes you more likely to miss classes, hand in work late and do badly in exams.

To some teenagers, drinking may seem to be a means to escape from problems that they may be facing at school or home. The high that is felt after drinking causes the senses to blur. This in turn leads to a temporary state of bliss. It could be simply because young teen wants to try something new. As with alcohol, there can be a lot of social pressure for students to smoke. Once students leave the confines of their parents’ house, they start to wonder about all those things Mom and Dad told them they could never do. Don’t run with scissors, don’t stay up past 10, don’t stay out past midnight, don’t drink, don’t smoke. Now that they’re living on their own, college students like to try new things, to test the boundaries. Often, this leads them trying cigarettes. This taste test may lead to addiction.

Smoking may also allow an awkward, gangly teen to feel more mature and manly. Some teens do experimental drinking just for taste in friends gathering but this experience enters in their life as a regular experiment. The intend of our present research is to discover the perceived causes of smoking and drinking among teens.

Statement of the Problem
The problem under consideration is to explore the cause and effect of smoking and drinking among teenagers.

Data gathering and Procedure
In order to explore the cause and effect of smoking and drinking among teenagers, questionnaire was circulated through students with mature personality to keep the pressure level minimum and to collect open minded views of respondents. Data was collected based on the following questions: 1. What age do you belong?

* 15-19
* 20-23
* 24 and above

2. Do you smoke?
* If yes, why?
* No

3. Do you drink liquor?
* Yes
* No

4. Have you ever been persuaded to try these vices?
* Yes
* No

5. If yes, state why. (if no skip this question)
5. How these vices affect your academic performance?

6. What do you think is the consequences of smoking and drinking? * Respiratory Diseases
* Risky behaviors
* Premarital sex
* Poor academic performance

7. Why do you think teens turn to these vices nowadays? Because of: * Advertising
* Movies and Television shows
* Peer pressure
* Experimentation
* Parental Guidance

Figure I. Presentation of age distribution. Results revealed that the youngest respondents were 15 years old and the oldest were 19 years old. 53% of the respondents belonged to...
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