Cigarette Smoking

Topics: Nicotine, Tobacco, Cigarette Pages: 4 (1376 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Cigarette smoking is one of the most powerful addictions known. Since its large-scale industrial production early in this century, the popularity of cigarettes is spreading like wildfire. It is seen in so many movies today. An actor lights up a cigarette on screen going about their lives. Usually certain people wouldn't stop to think twice about it because it has become something we are used to seeing almost every day. But how is seeing all of these smoking advertisements going to affect teenagers and adolescents? A concerned parent would think the smoking in movies puts cigarettes in a good light and encourages young people to start smoking. “The effect smoking has on a person is so extreme and awful, that there really is no reason cigarette smoking should be legal for anyone (Margaux).” Looking into the specific ingredients cigarettes contain, the possible harm to a smoker’s health should be almost an immediate trigger for them to stop. Nicotine and tobacco are the most commonly known substances related to cigarettes. But a large percentage of the population is completely oblivious there are still over 4,000 other compounds and mixtures within a cigarette. An average of 100 of these compounds is used just to filter the flavor and derive from the actual flavor of burning tar (Margaux). The chemicals in cigarettes are filtered, but the hazards effects are still present and are not diminished in anyway. “The most harmful compounds include nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide as well as formaldehyde ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, and arsenic” (Musebaby). So many compounds and mixtures are being added in order for the body to be able to keep up and tolerate these toxins. But once the cigarettes nicotine comes into place, the cause of addiction develops and it becomes much harder for a smoker to quit. The nicotine affects the way the brain produces and sends out pleasure to the rest of the body which are known as endorphin. Normally when the brain gets the signal of pain,...
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