Cigarette Distribution

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Panchkula branch is responsible for the TM&D framework in the states of Punjab and Haryana. For this reason, this territory is divided into 3 circles namely - North Punjab, South Punjab and Haryana. Each of these circles further divided into three sections each. The circles are headed by an Area Manager and the sections are headed by an Area Executive.

Each Section is further catered to by wholesale dealers (WD). These can vary from 3 in numbers (Ludhiana section) to 9 in numbers (Karnal section). The WD is required to provide the infrastructure in terms of investment, godown infrastructure, manpower infrastructure, delivery infrastructure. ITC Brands

Brand (Cigarettes)VariantAlias Name*SWD (M)PTR (M)Pack SizeMRP (/pack) InsigniaInsigniaInsignia6042609020s140
India KingRich GoldIK5159520020s120
Celestial BlueIK Lights
Benson & HedgesSpecialB&H4742478020s110
Gold BlueB&H Lights
ClassicRich TasteRegular4724476220s100
Balanced TasteMild20s100
Refined TasteUltra-Mild20s100
Refreshing TasteMenthol
Menthol RushMenthol Rush
Gold Flake KingsGold Flake Kings Badi4341437520s96
Gold Flake LightsGold Flake LightsBadi Lights20s96
Navy CutNavy CutNavy Cut360020s80
Gold Flake PremiumGold Flake PremiumChotti3473350010s38 Capstan Filter-Capstan2232.20225010s25
Navy Cut Regular-Navy Cut Regular2232.20225010s25
Wills Flake Excel-Flake Excel2160218010s24
*Alias Name is the name which the retailer uses while asking for that particular cigarette. Competition Brands
Brand (Cigarettes)VariantSWD (M)PTR (M)Pack SizeMRP (pack) MarlboroRegular4306434020s98
Advanced Gold
Four Square KingsSpecial4067410010s45
Four SquareSpecial2659268010s29
Red & White2570259010s28
CavendersGold 2659268010s29
Gold Leaf

Independent AE Stint – Convenience Focused Products
The independent stint was carried out in Ludhiana wherein I was responsible for handling and managing two WDs – Sidhi Vinayak Traders (SVT) and Machiwara. The initial 5 days were spent in the Branch for the HQ activities. And 2 weeks were spent in the market working with the DS, TL and CDM as an independent AE. Conceptual Learning’s

Operational Limit: It is generally 5% of the WD’s turnover. And it is revised twice a year. Periodic Limit: is given to those WDs whose contribution to the company is good. It is usually 10% of the WDs turnover and is given to the WDs to help them tide over in times of financial distress. The WD has to submit a blank cheque of the value of his periodic limit with the company. Emergency Limit: This is given only in certain extreme circumstances. Given to tide over unforeseen circumstances like bank strikes etc. Supply Chain Overview:

Preparing Estimates
When uploading the estimates WD wise on SP1, SAP already gives us what should be the estimate for that WD for the next month by analyzing the factors given below: •No of Working Days ---- The months having a higher number of working days will have a higher consumption leading to higher sales. In addition, since the van-route also has fixed days, the no. of working days also affects the sales. •Brand Trends----The consumption of certain brands may also vary with the corresponding brand trends e.g. a brand moving up will sell more. •Pipeline stocking done by outlets/SWDs

Last Month Sales

But these estimates have to be corrected further manually by taking into account the factors like: •Branch focus on a particular SKU
Festivals--- It is found that the sales normally go up during the festival seasons like Diwali, Pongal, temple festivals, marriage etc. •Seasons like Monsoons----- Monsoons normally witness a drop in sales, again this may vary from...
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