CIE A Level Physics 1990 P1

Topics: Kinetic energy, Energy, Magnetic field Pages: 8 (1999 words) Published: May 28, 2013

1.A constant mass undergoes uniform acceleration when the resultant force acting on it

Ais proportional to the displacement from a fixed point. Bis proportional to the velocity.
Cis zero.
Dis constant but not zero.
E increases uniformly with respect to time.

2.Two blocks, X and Y, of masses m and 2m respectively, are accelerated along a smooth horizontal surface by a force F applied to the block X, as shown in the diagram.


What is the magnitude of the force exerted by block Y on block X during this acceleration?

A 0B F/3C F/2D 2F/3E F

3.The e.m.f. Eb of a battery is given by Eb = P/I where P is the power dissipated when a current I flows. The e.m.f. Ec induced in a coil by a changing magnetic flux is equal to the rate of change of flux, Ec = dΦ/dt. Which of the following is a unit for magnetic flux?

A m s-1 AB m s-2 A-1C kg m2 s-2 AD kg m s2 A-1

E kg m2 s-2 A-1
4.A puck on a frictionless surface collides with a stationary puck. The pucks move as shown in the diagram.


If the mass of the puck moving before the collision is 0.30 kg, what is the mass of the second puck

A 0.20 kgB 0.28 kgC 0.40 kgD 0.49 kgE 1.0 kg

5.A small ball of weight W is suspended by a light thread. When a strong wind blows horizontally exerting a constant force F on the ball, the thread makes an angle θ to the vertical as shown in the diagram.


Which of the following equations correctly relates θ, F and W?

Acos θ = F/W
Bcos θ = W/F
Csin θ = F/W
Dtan θ = F/W
Etan θ = W/F

6.A linear accelerator sends a charged particle along the axis of a set of coaxial hollow metal cylinders as shown in the diagram. [pic]

The particle travels at constant speed inside each cylinder. The particle crosses the gaps between the cylinders at equal time intervals, and at each gap its kinetic energy increases by a fixed amount. Which of the graphs best represents the way in which v, the velocity of the particle varies with d, the distance along its track?



7.The diagram shows two bodies X and Y connected by a light cord passing over a light, free-running pulley. X starts from rest and moves on a smooth plane inclined at 30 o to the horizontal. [pic]

What will be the total kinetic energy of the system when X has traveled 2.0 m along the plane? (g = 9.8 m s-2).

A 20 JB 59 JC 64 JD 132 JE 137 J

8.When a satellite in on the surface of a planet, it experiences a gravitational force W. What is the gravitational force when the satellite is at a height R/50, where R is the radius of the planet?

A 1.02 WB 1.00 WC 0.98 WD 0.96 WE 0.00 W

9.When the aircraft Concorde is moving in a horizontal plane at a constant speed of 650 m/s, its turning circle has a radius of 80 km. What is the ratio of the centripetal force to the weight of the aircraft?

A 8.3 x 10-4B 0.54C 1.9D 52E 540

10.A body performing simple harmonic motion has a displacement x given by the equation x = 30 sin 50t, where t is the time in seconds. What is the frequency of oscillation?

A 0.020 HzB 0.13C 8.0 HzD 30 HzE 50 Hz

11.In a fairground shooting game a gun fires at a moving target. The gun fires by itself at random times. The player has to point the gun in a fixed direction, and the target moves from side to side with simple harmonic motion.


At which region should the player take a fixed aim to score the greatest number of hits?

Beither 1 or 5
Ceither 2 or 4
Dany of 1, 3, or 5
Eany of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5

12.The diagram shows two oscillations.


What is the phase difference between the two oscillations?

A π/4 radB π/2 radC 3/4 π radD π radE 3/2 π rad

13. Progressive waves of frequency 300 Hz are...
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