Cidtt Reflective Report

Topics: Learning, Management, Planning Pages: 3 (1054 words) Published: July 12, 2012
I have been teaching at the Gottigere government school for 2 years before I decided to take the passion seriously and do something about it. I had no earlier experience in teaching and did so from my early memories of other teachers. When I joined CIDTT, I had no idea what I was getting into, but most of the topics were eye openers and food for thought. Every class showed me how much better my class could have been and how I can target a larger group to effectively learn.

The most important aspect is planning: I would never plan my time in class. I would go with a broad perspective in mind and then just go with the flow, but it showed me that I was not effectively using my time to engage the learner actively. I would test the kids regularly but would always make hierarchy list – not realizing that all learners are different and what a grave mistake I was making while assessing them.

As part of the CIDTT course I have of course used the material given by Cambridge and those that was given by TTF. Apart from that Ian Barker’s “Teachers and Trainees” was a big help in trying to planning the session plan.

I have also researched the internet for additional information on the related topics, Energisers and games and lesson plans.

As I was attending the CIDTT classes I was very fascinated by Bloom’s Taxonomy and was amazed by how much the kids are missing out because some of us teachers are not trained. I was totally fascinated on how I could take my learners from understanding a lesson to translate their understanding creatively. My program plan takes the subject through the process of understanding and then climb the Bloom’s ladder systematically. For the lesson I have chosen “Vikram Sarabhai’s life and work” and I start by attempting to first understand the text with the help of mind maps move on to presenting what they understood by analysing their text, finally to draw and write a report of what would they name their space centre and why?

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