Cid Research Report

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Criminal Investigation Department (CID)

The Criminal Investigation Department of Bangladesh (CID) has started its work in 1947.After liberation war, CID became a part of Bangladesh Police. The headquarter of CID is situated at Malibagh; Dhaka. Most of its laboratory work is conducted here. This is only legally authorized institute in Bangladesh to provide experts’ opinion about physical evidence. Physical evidences are analyzed in this institute. Many trained expert are working as to physical evidences. CID is divided in two sectors. Such as- Investigation and Forensic sector. An Additional Inspector general of Police (AIG) is the head of Investigation sector and Chief Chemicals’ is the head of forensic sector. Investigation sector maintains the following rank structures: Additional Inspector General of Police (Ad.IGP), Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG), Special Superintendent of Police (SSP), Additional Superintendent of Police (Add. SP), Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Investigation Officer (IO), Sub Inspector (SI) and others stuffs (539)**. Forensic sector maintains the following rank structures: Chief chemicals’, Additional Chief chemicals’, Assistant Chief Chemicals’, Physiologists and others stuffs. ← Investigation sector deals with investigation of hand writing, finger prints, ballistics, forgery and crime scene. ← Forensic sector deals with the investigation of chemical substances and viscera. The CID is the investigation arm of Bangladesh Police. As mentioned earlier, CID is mainly responsible for investigation schedule offences for successful prosecution. In addition to that, CID also performs investigation for the cases assigned by the Home Ministry and Police Headquarters. In fact, CID detectives work in conjunction with the local police to solve crimes. • Goal and objectives of CID:

← To delivered the collected information about recorded crime to the local police. ← To deal the inquiry or investigation of police cases or help and support the Thana police. ← To investigate the severe/ grievous crime by the order from higher authority. ← To maintain investigation of most important incident.

• Which crimes investigate the CID?
CID investigate about 14 type of recorded crime, which are committed by professional and organized criminals: those are- 1. Dacoity
2. Highway, Railway or Mail robbery
3. Forged notes & counterfeit stamp, currency or promissory forged 4. Drug or poison abuse 10. Kidnapping in order to blackmail 5. Of cheating and fraud 11. Trafficking of archaic property 6. Murder for benefits 12. Stamp forgery by professional criminals 7. Serious type of insurance fraud 13. Offence about narcotics abuse 8. Bank cheating and fraud 14. Cheating for to giving job by p. criminals. 9. Women and child trafficking by professional criminals.

Besides the routine investigation work CID regularly conducts 1000 of investigations to locate suspects, fugitive, missing persons and to recover stolen property. It has ten Sections of specialized units:-

( Handwriting section ( Micro-analysis section ( Forged notes & counterfeit section ( Photographic section ( Footprint section ( Crime Scene Investigation section ( Fingerprint bureau( IT Crime Analysis bureau ( Ballistics section( Chemical Lab

Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is one of the expert investigative agencies for conducting the investigations of reported crime which is defined by Criminal Procedure Code and Penal Code. This specialized agency works with the co-operation of Police department. Data and information for this study were primarily collected from two sources: - i) semi-structured interview and ii) content analysis of police records. A semi structured interview of about...
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