Churchgoers Arent Perfect

Topics: Seven deadly sins, Envy, Sin Pages: 2 (897 words) Published: November 9, 2010
There are many religions all over the world and people who believe in these religions go and worship at a church with similar beliefs. It could be a Methodist church, Baptist, or a Temple. Some attend church once a week, and others more than once a week. All people who believe in these religions have one thing in common; and that is they strive to be perfect everyday of their lives. However, all churchgoers are not perfect. People’s actions and the way we live our lives cause us not to be perfect even though we try. Things such as: gossiping, greed, and envy are three of many deadly sins that churchgoers commit every day that cause them not to be perfect. Gossiping is more than likely the most common sin that churchgoers commit. Webster defines gossip as a person who habitually reveals personal or sensational facts; rumor or report of an intimate nature; an informational conversation. It basically means that one person spreads rumors about the personal and private affairs of another person that they know that person would not like that to be revealed to other people, but it is anyway. This is common in most churchgoers because it is so easy to speak wrongly of another. People commit this sin on the church grounds after service! Believe me, I have seen and heard it at my own church. Gossipers will get together in groups away from others and talk amongst themselves. The women will say things like, “I can’t believe she wore that short skirt to service today!” While the other woman replies, “They say she doesn’t even buy her clothes, her men buy them for her.” The men are gathered together in another group across the parking lot, and they are saying things like, “The preacher sure did stutter over his words during his sermon this morning.” While someone else replies, “It was probably because I saw him at the club last night, and he was so drunk that they had to call his wife to come and take him home.” This is just one of many things that cause churchgoers not to be...
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