Church Site Visit-Denomination: Pentecostal

Topics: Christianity, Jesus, Bible Pages: 3 (965 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Jeffery Harrison
PW101-Spring 2013
Church Visit to St. Emilian Byzantine Catholic Church

Profile of the Congregation
St. Emilian Byzantine Catholic Church is located in Brunswick, Ohio. St Emilian is a Byzantine Catholic Church, with a large emphasis from St. Emilian. The Congregation is made up of roughly 100 members. Most of the members are Caucasian with a Russian heritage, there is little diversity within this congregation in terms of race. The age for this congregation ranges from middle thirties to middle eighties. St. Emilian Byzantine Catholic Church is led by Father Marek Visnovsky, and two other deacons who help with the liturgy.

The ministry of hospitality was experienced when I walked into the gathering area. Once I walked into the gathering area the Cantor gave me a pamphlet about what was going on in their congregation in the upcoming months, and a book of worship, which includes their entire worship year. Also, the Cantor asked a family to try to help me along in the book of worship during worship. Lastly, the Cantor offered the book of worship, and told me I could keep it because they are going to be purchasing new books in a couple months. Worship Content

Most of the theological statements made in this congregation were silent. The service started with Father Marek preparing the Holy Communion behind the main door with the Cantor ringing a set of bells. Father Marek then walked into the congregation with bells, and shook them toward each icon at the front of the church. Then Father Marek brought out incense and shook the incense toward the icons, and each side of the congregation. The theological statement that can be taken from this is the preparing aspect of the Eucharist, and the calling upon of the Holy Spirit to enter that place. The next theological statements was a reading from the Gospel of John (John 3:16-18), and how we are suppose to inherit the gift of eternal life. The next theological statement came from 2 Corinthians 8,...
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