Church Fathers

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Seminar in Church History 520
September 21, 2012

The author of the book, “Getting to know the church fathers” makes it very clear from the onset that the book is not only a historical look into the development of the church but an attempt to revitalize or jump-start one’s life in Christian ministry. Bryan Liftin helps readers understand the fathers as individuals who cared deeply about preserving the core tenets of the Christian faith. This book has a perspective that favors the discipleship of others into learning about the relevant key figures and events of early church history that have their setting in the years of the formation of the old catholic church. Through reading this book, insight into the past has provided encouragement and passion for present day evangelism to a generation that is overwhelmed with media influence. Bryan Litfin, the books author summarizes a main theme that supports the idea that ancient Christian leaders of the past provided discipleship for future ministers of the Gospel as he writes, "The fathers (early church believers) are a previous generation of believers who continue to guide their spiritual descendants in the Christian church today." This book uses the Christian past to energize believers today to serve diligently in ministry and uphold the faith with great regard. When discussing the Christian walk, Litfin uses the analogy of a grandma to describe the relationship of the ancient church to the development and mentorship of believers today. He encourages readers of the book not to study the church fathers as a means to win debates with colleagues but to really gain a true understanding of God’s vision for the church. If enlightenment is the goal of the reader, ulterior motives, and selfish religious views must be discarded. Personnel views of the church must be discarded if true understanding is to be reached; selfishness stands in the way of knowledge. Starting with...
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